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Speed.  Safety.  ROI.  Plus , the versatility to handle any job.

Critical Path Technology delivers all the benefits of One-Way Ratchets, plus the ability to convert to a hands-free torque/tension machine.

Only HYTORC offers this technology and the convenience, versatility and value that comes with it.  No one else even comes close!

Cutting bolting time by two thirds and optimize joint reliability.  Start up leak-free and stay leak-free.  Make bolting hands-free safe!

The 21st century technology handles every single torque or tension application to your fullest satisfaction.

*  Eliminates the number one reason for hydraulic torque tool failure....
Internal Drive Torsion

*  Delivers high speed and versatility

*  Nuclear precision bolt load with simple ASME approved accessory

*  Handles every single torque or tension application to the fullest satisfaction with money-back guarantee

*  Durability derived from ample use of 300,000 psi tensile strength aircraft material

Is it the right tool for you?

Regular & Critical Path Technology is the best value in the marketplace and HYTORC's premium offering.  While this technology costs more up has many benefits that make it a much stronger value over the long haul.

Often, due to the savings afforded by this technology--due to its versatility, leak-free and failure-free startups and elimination of downtime and unscheduled outages.

These tools actually pay for themselves during the first use.  On pure tensioning applications, you can get these benefits, plus the increased speed of the fastest tensioning machine in the market, by stepping up to the Critical Path Technology XXI tool.



Imitated.  But never duplicated

In every way, HYTORC set the standard in one-way ratchet technology.  So much so, that these tools are the most commonly used....and most often "copied" in the industry.
  But don't be fooled!
Our competitors' tools may appear similar, but that's only on the surface.
As the inventors and innovators of this technology, only HYTORC delivers the uncomprising quality, reliability and performance your job demands--and the lowest costs


*  Assures longest active stroke of all hydraulic torque wrenches

*  24-Degree nut turn per stroke due to ratchet assurance device

*  Faster than Three-Moving Part Technology

*  Ideal for high torque or loosening of highly corroded fasteners

*  Durability derived from ample use of 300,000 psi tensile strength aircraft alloy

*  Costs approximately 20% less than Regular & Critical Path Technology

*  Affordable for general plant maintenance and production

Is it the right tool for you?

This technology is built for heavy use.  Priced about 20% below the Critical Path Technology, One-Way Ratchet Technology is an affordable tool for general plant maintenance and production.

When considering these tools, keep in mind that they require trained operators to avoid finger pinching with the reaction arm.  Training is also reccomended for simultaneous use of 4 tools to avoid joint failure, unscheduled downtown, and gasket crushing. 

For a higher level of safety and efficiency, and the ability to use multiple tools hands-free without reaction arms or backup wrenches, you may want to step up Regular and Critical Path Technology Tools.

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